3 Vibrant Colours You Can Try Out During Bathroom Renovation

Refurbishing bathrooms comes with a certain budget – and that amount is not something you can overlook, for obvious reasons. Thus, if you have budget constraints you will definitely look for some show stopping idea that will take your budget to the moon. Thus while on one hand you need to take into consideration your bathroom revamping needs and compulsions, you need to keep an eye on your budget as well.

One noble way to contain the budget is not going for too many additions and alterations, but keeping things limited to the change of colour and themes. And to be frank, it works and has an amazing effect – aesthetically and psychologically. So here we are, discussing some vibrant colour schemes that you can consider while redoing your bathroom. Talk to your bathroom renovation experts in Sydney and they will guide you through.

Adding Depth with a clever use of Cerulean Blue and Sea green

Don’t be deterred if you have a smallish bathroom. In fact, there are certain colour schemes that work well in small bathrooms. Take for instance the combo of sea green and blue. The hint of sea green in the floor tiles and Cerulean Blue on walls form a classic duo that not only takes the aesthetic of your bathroom to a new height, but also adds an unfathomable depth, nullifying the shortage of space. It not only adds an illusion of space to your bathroom but does so at hardly any cost, turning out to be one of the most popular ideas of budget bathroom renovations in Sydney.

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Working with all the Shades of Grey

You have the liberty of trying not only 50 shades of grey, but more than that, if you can! On a serious note, the look and feel of your bathroom can have an altogether new pulse, with the clever use of various shades of grey. Do not try them, if you have a smallish bathroom. Opt for greys, if your bathroom is larger with a sprawling space. If you want to have a cosy ambience that will literally make the bathroom walls feel like they are embracing you, painting the walls in a paler grey variety and combining it with wooden accessories will work. It will add a new dimension to your bathroom. It will also prevent the shades of grey from getting overbearing. So talk to your Sydney Bathroom Renovators and see if they are the masters of this art.

Mixing Pebbles & Stones with White

This is another extremely handy technique of small bathroom renovations in Sydney or wherever you are. Use of stones and pebbles in strategic locations and even on walls will add a natural tinge to your bathroom, which will again, add an illusion of space. Wooden accessories will be a great match, as they will further add on to the natural tinge of your bathroom. But then, your bathroom has to be predominantly white to ensure that the shades do not overwhelm these features. You would surely want the natural aura of your bathroom to be the focal point – not just a dormant feature.

Thus, when it comes to adding vibrancy to your bathroom, you must ask your bathroom renovators in Sydney to be very particular, so that they can strike the right balance.

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