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4 Quick-Fixes to Bring Life to Your Tired Bathroom

Are you planning to give a quick visual boost to your tired bathroom, but the budget is holding you back? You need to think strategically and implement some quick fixes instead of going for big demolitions. Modern bathroom renovations in Sydney don’t have to cost a fortune every time. If you decide your priorities beforehand, you can easily win half the battle.

Here are a few ideas to get started with your bathroom remodelling project. Read along and try them out!

Replace Shabby Furniture

A quick way to upgrade a tired bathroom is by replacing the shabby furniture. Bathroom fittings are like clothing. With changes in individual taste, demands and preferences, designs and functionalities keep changing. What may have been trending 5 years ago, might have become outdated. If you want to switch from traditional to contemporary bathroom decor, you may gather reference pictures from the web and show them to professionals during bathroom renovations in Sydney. Having a wealth of experience, professionals can understand your priorities and transform your space into an oasis at budgeted rates.

Install Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are quite popular for modern bathroom makeovers as they amp the aura and add to the appeal. Besides being useful and functional, granite countertops infuse a sense of luxury and boost the curb appeal of your property. Most homeowners skip the idea of installing granite due to budget constraints, but practically speaking, our bathroom renovators in Sydney get the job done at competitive rates. Even with the tightest budget, you can install a granite slab in your bathroom right where faucets are installed and make your bathroom stand out. If you invest some time in choosing your colour scheme, consider the decorating style that you want to achieve and get the dream space you want.

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Tiling Can Open Up Space

If you have a cramped bathroom, there’s a lot you can do to maximise space. Most contemporary bathroom renovation ideas require extended areas, but with petite rooms, stylish fittings such as double showers or clawfoot tubs can be hard to implement. Nonetheless, there are plenty of exciting upgrades you can carry out to eliminate the cramped feel. For instance, large tiles can create a sense of depth and create the illusion of a bigger space. Thus, consult with a leading bathroom renovation company for unique ideas and enhance accessibility if you want to make your bathroom spacious and airy.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Having cramped bathrooms doesn’t necessarily mean you will give up your dreams of having an ensuite. With some clever ideas, you can clear floor space and eliminate the clutter. Make the most of unused walls under sink, cupboards and cabinets by installing oven shelves. Wall-mounted shelves make it easier to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials. You may also create shower shelving options during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney that will give you sufficient space to stack shampoos, soaps, shower gels. Besides, wall-hung cabinets are another ideal yet cost-effective solution to expand surface space.

Our modern bathrooms renovation cost in Sydney is low compared to other providers as we keep your budget in mind and design packages that are easy to afford. At Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens, we specialise in full bathroom renovations in Sydney that improve functionality and add appeal. Whether you want small, budget, bespoke or luxury makeovers, we can fulfil your desire and make your space stand out at competitive quotes. Speak to our tradesmen today and get quick quotes instantly!

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