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4 Ways to Keep Bathroom Renovations Within Your Budget

So you are set to remodel your outdated bathroom but all you are worried about is how to get the deluxe retreat done in a stringent budget! Well, bathroom renovations don’t necessarily mean a hefty investment every time. There are plenty of ways to transform your space into a relaxing zone while sticking to budget. Yes, you read it right. Upgrading wet areas not only adds value but boosts the curb appeal of your home and it can be successfully done without making your bank accounts soar. Read this blog to know the tips of decorating and designing your bathroom in a limited budget. 

Limit Tiling Your Bathroom

Upgrading bathrooms with tiles is indeed exciting and overwhelming but if you are running short of budget, you should limit the amount of your tiles to save your pockets. The best way to get a correct estimate on the tile count is by hiring a reputed bathroom renovation company. The experts mainly focus on high-traffic areas such as floors, wet areas and guide you on selective places to lay tiles instead of covering the whole area. However, if you have your heart set on artistic tiles, you can use it on accent walls in combination with cheap tiles to fulfil your desire.

Be Specific with Countertops

When it comes to modern bathroom renovations, most homeowners consider splurging on granite countertops to add aesthetics and appeal to their space. However, bathroom countertops are comparatively small than kitchen and the best way to save here is by choosing colours that are usually less popular. Avoid choosing neutral shades such as tan, brown or beige as they are expensive. Choose from a wide range of colours and compare the prices of each one to stick to your estimate while looking for budget bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Upgrade Fixtures instead of Changing Layouts

When you can simply transform your bathroom by upgrading existing fittings and fixtures, why spend unnecessary amount on changing the whole layout? Upgrading sink faucets, towel racks and drawers call for a low investment and can make a huge difference in your overall decor. Consult with professionals offering bathroom renovations in Dulwich Hill & Western Sydney to get the best guidance on whether any plumbing modifications or any other improvement is required and make your remodel worth every dollar.

Caulking and Re-Grouting is a Must

Most homeowners have the misconception that caulking, sealing and regrouting is a hefty investment and end up paying hefty dollars on repairs. Caulking and regrouting are an important detail and a dire part of almost every bathroom renovation. Over time, grouts get dull and grimy which not only looks unsightly but fetch potential health hazards such as allergies and infections. By cleaning, caulking and regrouting around tubs and sinks, you can add sparkle to your space for just a few dollars. Grouts and caulk are both inexpensive and so you can easily try this to freshen up your space.


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