5 Awe-Inspiring Designing Tips to Enhance the Appeal of a Spacious Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most functional corners of your home, which needs special care and attention during renovation. Whether you have undertaken full bathroom renovations in Sydney or a minor upgrade, crafting the right design is important to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. A master bathroom is pretty overwhelming to decorate, especially of its additional space. You can explore your creativity with interior decor, fittings and fixtures, bathroom accessories, wall and floor designs etc., during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney and plan awe-inspiring designs that can reflect your personality, passion and sense of style.

If you have plans to revamp your ensuite this year, here are some quirky decorating tips that can make your space incredible and vivacious!

Choose the Right Colour Pattern

Large ensuites work great with neutral colour tones such as white and grey, but you can complement the interior decor with subtle tinges of blue, green or pink to create a sense of openness. Depending upon the natural light penetration, you apply lighter tones on accent walls and pair up with darker shades during bathroom renovations in Sydney. Choosing the right colour scheme will create a sense of depth and openness and make your bathroom look even more spacious. 

Install Functional Accessories

Making your bathroom functional and accessible is a crucial component of successful bathroom renovations in Hornsby. Enhance the functionality of your space by installing stylish accessories and fit-outs at places such as towel racks, mirrors, soap holders and tissue paper holders. These basic upgrades can give a whole new look and feel to your space and make your bathroom user-friendly even for guests.

User-Friendly Bathroom Vanity Set

For people having a spacious bathroom, installing a luxurious vanity set can be a great focal point. You can ask bathroom renovators in Sydney to maintain consistency with the existing floor design by installing a vanity set and pair it up with other accessories and fixtures. To get a luxurious feel, you can even pair the vanity with an armoire for creating additional storage for towels.

Perfect Lightings Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space

The perfect amalgamation of lightings makes your bathroom appear bigger and airy. You may ask the tradesmen offering bathroom renovations in Western Sydney to allow sufficient space for natural light penetration in areas with large windows or ceiling lamps to highlight. Accent lights for areas such as bathtub, shower enclosures or vanity will create an incredible effect. For an added touch of luxury, you may install a chandelier and make your ensuite appealing and inviting.

Design with Decorative Materials

Decorative elements can be anything from tiles, glass, stones or accessories. Be selective when choosing your bathroom fittings and fixtures to ensure you stay on top of the trend. Designing your bathroom walls with handcrafted materials can seamlessly blend with the existing decor and give your space a good vibe. Go for minimalist upgrades and avoid going for loud makeovers to keep the aesthetics and luxe intact.

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