5 Best Workable Bathroom Upgrades that Help in Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource and water conservation is a must to keep your household activities running. Water has a significant impact on the environment and therefore, you can afford to waste water during home or bathroom renovation in Sydney. When upgrading bathrooms, it’s crucial to analyse your overall utility costs, family requirements and adopt necessary measures to conserve water.

A few proven hacks would help you conserve water during the next bathroom remodel. To get an idea of some water-efficient bathroom renovations, this blog is a MUST-READ.

Fix Leakage in Faucets

Continuous drips and leaks are common with outdated faucets and therefore, getting them repaired by licensed bathroom renovators should be your top priority during Full bathroom renovations in Sydney. Leaky faucets not only leave your bathroom moist, but leads to wastage of water more than you could ever think. Moreover, leaks encourage growth of mould and mildew, which spread rapidly and add up to your repairing costs in future. With reliable fixes, certified bathroom renovators can eliminate water leakage issues and help you conserve water in the long run. Seeking professional help is always wise as they are equipped with the right tools and get the job done with least hassle and fuss.

Replace Faulty Shower Heads

Upgrading outdated bathroom accessories is an intrinsic part of modern bathroom renovations in Sydney and among many other amendments, replacing faulty showerheads should be your topmost priority. Showerheads accumulate mineral deposits over time which reduces the water force and thus, replacement becomes mandatory after a certain period of use. Professional renovators will diagnose the condition and get it replaced with high-pressure showerheads. Installing a reducer can further help in regulating water flow and controlling your water usage.

Use a Steam Shower

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Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular as it helps in water conservation and enhances functionality. Steam showers require comparatively less amount of water to generate steam compared to traditional showers and therefore, you must consider this upgrade to make your bathroom more water-efficient. Another benefit of installing steam showers during luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney is that they use less energy for storing and disposing water, which further reduces your energy bills and improves accessibility.

Install Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets are ideal for water conservation and are exclusively designed keeping water-efficiency in mind. Approx 40% water can be conserved using dual flush toilets. It mainly includes two flushes- one for liquid waste and another for solid waste. Professionals widely recommend installing dual flush toilets during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney as they greatly reduce the overall amount of water required for flushing and make your bathroom water-efficient.

Go for Soaker Tubs

Perhaps nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than unwinding in a freestanding tub, but it’s equally important to consider the water consumption aspect. Whereas an average bath uses up to 40 gallons of water, a 15minutes shower with a low-flow showerhead uses up to 20 gallons. You need to understand that every bath can be equal to three showers, which is not water-efficient. However, if your life is imaginable without a bath, you may choose to install soaker tubs during bathroom renovations in Castle Hill. Soaker tubs are specifically designed to circulate water through dedicated jets and keep water comparatively warm. This way, you can conserve water and continue enjoying a relaxing soak.

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