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5 Inspiring Ways to Customise Your Small Bathroom for Long-Term Benefits

Bathroom is one of the functional corners of a home that soaks away your stress after a hectic day and helps you enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you step inside. When it comes to custom bathroom remodel, it’s quite easy to figure out the design elements you would wish to incorporate in your space. On the contrary, if you are dealing with a closet-sized space, both function and design can be challenging to incorporate, keeping the aesthetics intact. However, the good news is that, with the help of some smart workarounds, you can make the most of your petite space and make custom bathroom remodel successful. 

Read on to explore them one by one!

Be Tricky With Pattern Wallpapers

When it comes to designing a cramped space, you need to be careful while choosing pattern wallpapers for your bathroom. If you have fallen in love for tile wallpaper with an intricate design, you may go for it, but before that, you must ensure it complements the rest of the surfaces of your bathroom. If you choose tiled wallpaper with a bold design, keep the other walls simple and if you select patterned wallpaper, keep the floor design basic during bathroom renovations in Sydney

Maximise Storage Space

Storage is a crucial aspect of any bathroom remodel as it adds value to your space and helps you enjoy long-term benefits. It’s important to keep your toiletries handy when you are getting ready during peak hours and needless to say, storing bathroom essentials outside can result in chaos and mess. Ask the bathroom renovation company to make the most of your unused walls and maximise storage by adding shelves. You may also install space-saving custom storage units to keep things organised.

Plan Lighting for a Brighter Look 

A smart way to make your small bathroom look bigger is by playing around with lightings. Planning for lighting in an ensuite isn’t that difficult but for cramped spaces, you need to choose the right lighting that can well-lit the space and make your bathroom look bigger, brighter and inviting post bathroom renovations in Dulwich Hill & Castle Hill.

Go for Floating Shelves to Maximise Space

If you run short of space to incorporate your custom design elements, you may try installing floating shelves or vanities to make your bathroom look stylish and functional. A floating vanity gives the illusion of a bigger space and maximises your storage requirements. For the best design and materials for your floating shelves, you may consult with professionals offering custom bathroom renovations in Sydney and get it done as per your tailored requirements.

Install Pocket Doors to Save Space & Brighten Up the Decor

Pocket door is an incredible idea for small bathroom renovations in North Sydney and can make your space functional in every way. Rolling doors or pocket doors can maximise usable floor area in your bathroom by freeing up sufficient wall space. To brighten up the decor and amplify architectural aesthetics, you may also consider installing a transom window above the decor.

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