6 Exciting Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom with Skylights
6 Exciting Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom with Skylights

Lighting up a bathroom is an ideal way to incorporate brightness and create a sense of openness in your space. Light bouncing on baths, sinks, faucets, shower screens enhances the aesthetic appeal of your ensuite and adds a touch of freshness and the best way to make that happen is by using skylights. 

Skylight makes way for natural sunlight penetration and allows you start your day in style. Additionally, they can match any style and decor and give a quick visual boost. To help you create the perfect ‘at-home’ oasis, here are some incredible skylight design ideas you may try incorporating during your next bathroom remodel.

Skylights for High-Rise Ceilings

For high-rise ceilings, nothing illuminates better than skylights. The seamless flow of natural light blends well with any theme and highlight wooden elements, architectural decor together with the pristine stylish finish post bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Extended Skylights for Slops

Extended skylights are the best choice for under eave bathrooms. Natural sunlight penetration brightens up the interior decor and fulfils the facets of an architecturally inspired space. Similar to white mosaic tiles, extended skylights brings out the entire space and make your Sydney bathroom renovations successful.

Endless Skylight Corridors

If budget isn’t a constraint, you may try including extravagant skylight designs such as unending skylight corridors to make your master ensuite stand out. Endless skylight corridors is a lavish upgrade that offers a picturesque view both during day and night. To add more appeal and luxe, you may install wall mirrors and wooden panels with a soft white finish by Sydney bathroom renovators. It would give a simple yet classy look and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Complementing Indoor Decor with Skyline

If you are planning for bathroom renovations in Western Sydney with unique skylight designs, you can maximise skylight designs using blue colour tones on wall, tiles and shower curtains. The three-dimensional openings of windows bring in a sufficient amount of light and thanks to their narrow width which makes them an ideal choice for luxury bathroom makeovers.

Shower-High Skylights for a Minimalist Upgrade

In this design, the tub and shower enclosures each are designated a single-window skylight. The separating wall allows maximum natural sunlight penetration in these two areas which perfectly matches with the overall bathroom design and make your ensuite stand out. 

An Entire Wall of Skylights

Here is another way to incorporate skylights if your bathroom lack openings on top. Converting sloping side to a whole wall of skylights by a reputed bathroom renovation company add to the modern decor and neutral colour tones together with sunlight make your bathroom spacious and airy. 

So what will be your choice during next bathroom remodel? If you want the best guidance for a successful makeover, get in touch with our skilled tradesmen and make your full bathroom renovations in Sydney

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