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6 Inspiring Ideas to Upgrade Your Old Bathroom In a Budget

Bathroom is a high-traffic area which undergoes heavy use and becomes outdated over time. Regular exposure to water, moisture, soap scum wear away the lustre and structural integrity of floors and urges the need of a bathroom remodel to restore the accessibility and functionality of the space. Revamping an outdated bathroom with stylish fixtures, smart storage solutions, functional cabinets and decorative accents can add character and elegance to your space without overburdening your pocket.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

A smart way to revamp an old bathroom is to simply replace the outdated fixtures which aren’t functional or of no longer use. New sinks, stylish faucets, luxury showerheads can change the look and feel of your space and give your bathroom a great visual lift post bathroom renovations in Castle Hill. Upgrading fixtures is an affordable way to make smart improvements in your bathroom and change the overall mood of your space.

Replace Old Lightings

Among the myriad of contemporary bathroom lighting options that are available in the market, you can easily opt for one which fits your existing theme and budget. Replace your old lighting with something dramatic such as chandeliers or pendant lights to lift the mood of your space. If you want to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom, it’s better to avoid loud fluorescent lighting instead, use natural lights for a cozy ambience.

Restore Classic Fixtures

Bathroom remodelling doesn’t always necessitate new installation. If you already have a classic bathtub which has become discoloured over time, you may resurface it using spray painting other than opting for a brand new replacement. Bathtub replacement is a costly ordeal and the best way to save your pockets is by restoring it by hiring experts offering bathroom renovations Sydney & Ryde, instead of splurging hefty dollars on buying a new one.

Remodel Your Flooring

When it comes to upgrading bathroom flooring, tiles have no match. However, if you are running short of budget, you may still upgrade your bathroom flooring by resurfacing it with spray paint. Spray painting uplifts the visual appeal and gives a whole new makeover to your space at a reasonable price. Replacing old grouts is another way to elevate the appearance of tiled bathroom at a low price. 

Install Functional Vanities

If you are willing for modern bathroom renovations in Western Sydney
within a budget, you can save your pockets by transforming a piece of old furniture into a vanity. Chest of drawers or vintage tables can be remodelled into a stylish vanity, however, you need to consider the size and check whether it will fit your existing space requirements before taking the plunge. 

Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

Freestanding storage can make a difference in your bathroom and make your space highly functional. You can maximise space by installing shelves on unused walls and make the most of your space during bathroom renovations in Chatswood. Installing smart holders can be a wise idea for hanging toilet paper and rolled towels and add a new dimension to your space.

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