6 ‘Must-Try’ Small Bathroom Upgrades to Open Up Your Space

Dealing with a cramped bathroom is indeed frustrating and annoying, especially for people having a giant family. Limited space and inaccessibility can be cumbersome during peak hours and that’s when homeowners look for space-maximising options. However, limited sunlight penetration, cramped fit-outs and dark colours can make bathrooms one of the challenging spaces to revamp, but if done right, the whole room can be brighter and spacious than anyone could think of and that too, without investing hefty dollars. Here are some quirky ideas to make cramped bathrooms spacious and convenient for use.

1. Keep Colours Light 

Light colours are ideal for bathrooms having limited space. Peach, light blue, pink, green creates a sense of openness and make small bathrooms appear bigger. Soft mint-green hue allows natural light penetration and is preferred by homeowners to make bathrooms brighter and lively. To make Sydney bathroom renovations worthy, you may also consider having light-coloured shower curtains which can reflect natural light and make bathroom remodel worthy.

2. Cover a Wall with Mirrors

Instead of the traditional style of hanging it above a vanity, mirroring an entire wall creates the illusion of a bigger space and makes your cramped bathroom appear bigger and brighter. The natural reflection of light creates a sense of depth and openness and does the same work as the windows. Mirroring an entire wall during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney further enhances the visual appeal and incorporates a sense of luxe and elegance to your cluttered space.

3. Install Glass Shower Door

Glass shower doors are known to enhance the curb appeal of modern bathrooms and incorporate elegance. Professionals offering full bathroom renovations in Sydney highly recommend installing glass shower enclosures for people looking to maximise their powder rooms. Even if you have a small bath, you don’t need to give up your dreams of having a glass shower enclosure. When designing from scratch, inform the bathroom renovators about it and turn your dream bathrooms into a reality.

4. Tiling Can Open Up Space

When it comes to upgrading bathroom flooring, tiling has no match. It creates a stunning impact and can be used to cover up floors, walls and ceiling. For small bathroom walls, ceramic tiles are an ideal choice. Moreover, it’s one of the cost-effective options for bathroom renovations in Miranda for people having a tight budget. Besides giving a visual boost and enhancing aesthetic appeal, tiling adds strength to floors and creates a sense of depth.

5. Upgrade Your Curtains

If you have the luxury of choosing your shower curtains, choose fabric for an aesthetic appearance. Extending the curtain almost to the ceiling can certainly elongate walls and make your ceilings look taller than usual. These small upgrades are both minimalist and pocket-friendly and can open up space.

6. Keep Floors Clutter-Free

Covering floors with vanity or storage containers creates a cramped feel and make small bathrooms appear more cluttered. A floating sink can keep floors crystal clear and clean. Additionally, installing floating storage can also help keep everything within your arm’s reach.

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