A Brief Account of Marble Bathroom Renovations

Marble has a class of its own – to start with. That’s why, when you have your bathroom revamped with the use of marble, it wears a new look and feel altogether. That is why, if you like to add a tinge of luxury and elegance to your bathroom, then opt for marble. Remember, marbles have been in use in bathrooms since time eternal, and despite the passage of time and era, it has not lost any of its zeal. Let us therefore, discuss some eye catching ideas of bathroom renovations in Sydney that will add an ecstatic visual appeal to your bathroom. 

However, before that you need to know a few points.

What to know before having your bathroom renovated?

Marble is always associated with luxury and elegance that can add a tinge of finesse to any space. Thus, when you add a marble to your bathroom, it adds not only value but a class that you will be proud of. 

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Renovating your bathroom using marble can be an expensive affair, but that does not mean it is out of the reach. Hence, depending on the budget you need to use marble as an accent for your bathroom. 

Marble is a porous material and can stain at the drop of a hat. Hence, if you are toying with the idea of bathroom renovations in Western Sydney with marbles do not forget having the countertops sealed.

Marble is pretty slippery, more so when it is wet. Hence, it is wise to opt for honed floor tiles that come with slightly textured surfaces to keep falls and slips at bay. Marble is also delicate and thus, prone to scratching or chipping. Polishing will also help detering those mishaps. 

Now let us discuss some ripper ideas of marble bathroom renovation carried out by the bet professional bathroom renovators in Sydney.

Modern Renovations using Marble

While the oriental ideas of bathroom renovations in North Sydney with the use of marble implies floor-to-ceiling cladding, the idea may also involve attractive combinations of different materials. 

All White renovation ideas

If you are in pursuit of an white, modern, slick bathroom designs, using marble is a great idea. It will convey a clean and crisp appeal that can be extremely striking, visually as well as aesthetically. Besides, when you have an all marble bathroom renovations in Hurstville, you can easily match getup with every type of bathroom fixtures of various styles and made up of different materials. 

The contemporary Black Marble Renovation Ideas

To be frank, marbles not only denote extravagance and luxury. The minimalist black designs with not much extravagance will strike the perfect harmony rather than extravagance. The rough, random textures of natural marble will infuse a tinge of dynamism to the bathroom, giving it a minimalist look and feel, without impeding any of its simplicity. The advantage of this idea is that it will give a sleek, monolithic, dark look and feel to your bathroom. Thus, going for bathroom renovations in Miranda with dark marble will always make a difference. 

Thus, if you are looking for the best luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney, opting for Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens is the best solution, as we are the best in the business. Call us to book our service now. 

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