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All You Need to Know About Transitional Bathrooms-The “In-Thing” of 2020

Bathroom renovations have undergone significant improvements over the past few years and in present days, it is considered to be the focal point of any home renovation project. With change in lifestyle, taste and preferences, homeowners are switching more towards functional bathroom upgrades to add value to their space and enhance accessibility of the area. Transitional bathroom is high on trend this year and if you are up for a bathroom remodelling job, this is something you can give a try. 

Now, you might be wondering how this unique style can impact your wet area. This guide is here to provide you with a brief insight into this trendy aesthetic and why you should incorporate this style in your next bathroom remodelling project.

Transitional Bathrooms-An Overview

Most of you might not be accustomed to the term ‘transitional bathrooms’ and probably thinking about how it is different from the rest of bathroom renovations styles in North Sydney. Well, though not much complicated, transitional bathrooms is actually a blend of traditional and contemporary styles featuring a tinge of warmth, minimalist designs and comfort. To explain it in simple terms, here are a few characteristics outlined below.

  • Accessibility: You might have elderly members residing with you and ensuring seamless accessibility of wet areas is must to keep their safety intact. Fortunately, transitional bathrooms offer a plethora of benefits when it comes to accessibility. A customised shower seat with a hand-operated showerhead offers ease of use at the same time, induces added luxury and comfort to your space. The grab bars protect against slips and keep the safety of your senior family members intact.
  • Luxe & Elegance: Another striking feature of transitional bathrooms is the ‘spa-like’ feel it offers. The soaking tubs, chandeliers, featured wall and tiled floors incorporated during bathroom renovations in Campbelltown add aesthetics and elegance to your space and give you the perfect “feel-good” factor every time you step inside your bathroom.
  • Functional Countertops: A good reason why more and more people are falling in love with the transitional aesthetic is the countertops. Transitional bathrooms incorporate fixtures and fittings featuring quartzite, marble and granite which offer added durability and minimal maintenance.

Impressive Perks of Having Transitional Bathrooms

While the above pointers highlight a few attributes of transitional trend, there’s a lot more it offers when it comes to flexibility. The widespread demand for this trend is mainly due to:

  • Top-notch comfort: As transitional trend emphasizes on minimalist designs, it keeps the safety aspect intact, particularly for elderly members. The seamless accessibility and convenience help senior members use wet areas with peace of mind without having to worry about slipping or any other injury.
  • Timeless designs with modernity: The seamless blend of traditional designs with contemporary decor makes transitional bathrooms a perfect choice to complement urban lifestyle. While timeless features offer class and elegance, modern design elements installed during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney adds value and character to your space.
  • Easy customisation: With so much scope to improvise and customise, this transitional aesthetic is worth to go for. You can choose fittings, faucets, tubs, showerheads that can seamlessly blend in with your existing decor and customise the layout as and when required.

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