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    bathroom renovation Sydney

    Sydney’s Most Vetted Name for Bathroom Renovation

    Dream Bathroom and Kitchens have been the most vetted names in Sydney, offering top quality bathroom renovations at an affordable price. Ever since we started our endeavour, we have been conceptualising out-of-this-world bathroom renovation ideas and turning them into reality. Our modern day Sydney bathroom renovations are based on the functional needs of our customers and their aesthetic preferences.

    It has been 20 years since we started our journey. Today, we are the most confident name when it comes to turning bathrooms into spaces that make the owners proud, and their neighbours envious. Such has been our confidence in our custom Sydney bathroom renovations that we offer 10 years of warranty on our results - something that underlines the stronghold we have on our forte. Just talk to our experts and you will find how good they are, in adding extra edge and excellence to your bathroom.

    High Points of our Bathroom Renovation in Sydney

    Key Features of Our Sydney Bathroom Remodeling

    Our Sydney full bathroom renovations has been known for
    bathroom renovation Sydney
    bathroom renovation Sydney

    Why Dream B&K, of All the Other Sydney Bathroom Renovators?

    Bespoke Bathrooms
    Create a bespoke bathroom that will underline style and elegance. We help clients create custom bathrooms in Sydney that can serve as a perfect ‘spa-retreat’ after a hectic day.
    Designer Bathrooms
    For those who prefer urban lifestyle, Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens can help in creating designer bathrooms in Sydney that can add oomph to space and make it stand out from the crowd.
    Ensuite Bathrooms
    Invigorate your ensuite bathroom with stunning fittings and fixtures that can boost the curb appeal of your property and enhance the functionality of your space like never before!
    Modern Bathrooms
    Transform your outdated bathroom with sleek, minimalist design trends and luxury finishes with the help of our bathroom renovation ideas in Sydney. It can help declutter your space and guarantee style which you will be proud of.
    Luxury Bathrooms
    Add a touch of luxe and class to your bathroom. We add million-dollar magic that features subtle colours, functional storage, incredible lighting and sparking floors to your bathrooms in Sydney.
    Commercial Bathrooms
    Fully customised and value-added commercial full bathroom renovations in Sydney with incredible fit-outs that can add aesthetics to your space and suit needs of clients and employees.
    3 Simple Steps Towards Functional Bathroom Upgrades
    At Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens, we value your time and that's why made our booking process simple and easy. Don't believe us? We are strict about our commitments and dedicated to provide a great customer experience you will simply love!
    Get a Quote
    Fill up your details and let us know what kind of bathroom improvements you want. Accessing your needs, our contractors will get back to you with an approximate quote.
    On-Site Inspections
    Once you agree on our quote, we will send our bathroom renovators team for an on-spot inspection. They will access your property and suggest suitable improvements.
    Get Going with the Project
    The final quote which we provide will include necessary improvement work and once you give go ahead, our expert contractors will start off your project.
    Types of Bathroom Renovations We Provide
    When it comes to bathroom renovation services, you can get the following types of designs and built:
    Master Bathrooms
    This type of bathroom renovations in Sydney is often designed for ultimate relaxation and comfort. Master bathrooms typically joins the master bedroom. It is a beautifully designed oasis that incorporates the grandest of fixtures such as unique bathtubs, shower enclosures and incredible vanity interiors which can give you a perfect ‘spa-retreat’.
    Contemporary Master Bathrooms
    When it comes to upgrading master bathrooms into contemporary style, high-quality workmanship is a must. Designs generally include glass tiles, engineered stone countertops and stained wood. The bathroom will typically resemble a master bedroom but with a contemporary ‘spa-like- feeling.
    Full Bathroom
    A full bathroom renovation usually features a shower, a modern bath and well-distributed storage. In some instances, home renovations centre around the concept of installing a vanity or other features that create space for storage. A well-defined layout for a full bathroom usually combines tub and shower.
    Three-Quarter Bathroom
    This kind of bathroom incorporates bare essentials. It covers sink, shower and a toilet. Many bathroom renovations in Sydney of this style include an oversized crown moulding and the glass doors for showers give an impression for open space.
    Powder Rooms
    Powder rooms are basically small but they make a huge difference. Powder rooms are usually built to provide space for women to do touch-ups in public spaces. People who opt for modern bathroom renovations in Sydney with a powder room in mind opt for wallpaper installation to add dimension to their space.

    Why you should build your Dream Bathroom with Dream BK ?

    Free Quotes

    This includes after hours. If you’re busy during work, we can quote you when it best suits you

    Efficient Builds

    We can Renovate your Bathroom in 2 to 3 weeks turnaround

    Guaranteed Work

    Our products provide Warranty starting from 10 years and more

    Quality Products

    We are partnered with Reece Bathrooms and supply high quality products with more value to our customers

    Match your Needs

    From a humble facelift to your ultimate dream bathroom, we will meet your needs

    Frequently Asked Questions
    When you enquire about our bathroom renovation packages, our bathroom renovators in Sydney will visit your home for an on-spot inspection and access your bathroom's drainage, plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems. After the successful inspection, they will suggest various improvements to enhance the functionality of your bathroom. Based on their suggestions, we will provide you with a FREE quote to suit your tailored needs.
    Absolutely! We always priorities your taste and preferences and hence, encourage you to choose bathroom accessories as per your choice. However, our bathroom contractors will always guide you to choose the right accessories that can improve the functionality of your space.
    No! Unlike most of the competitors, we do not surprise you with hidden charges after the completion of the project. All you have to do is pay the quoted price. However, if you want some extra work to add to your bathroom renovation project, you have to pay separately.
    Nothing much. As you have already agreed on the design, layout and scope of work in advance, it’s time for contractors to start the bathroom renovation work. There will be a project manager who will keep you updated on the project status and developmental work.
    On average, bathroom renovations take 4-6 weeks to complete. For bigger projects, the time may extend.
    Hopefully, the renovation work will not pose a problem for you or your family members. However, it depends upon your accessibility. If you have alternate bathrooms in your home, you don’t need to move out.
    Yes! Absolutely! We understand your concern for pets and therefore, we use non-toxic chemical-free products that will not harm your pet's skin.
    What Our Client Says