Cloakroom Bathrooms- The Perks of Maximising Your Space

Cloakroom bathroom, also known as downstairs WC’s, is dominating the bathroom renovation trend this year. Most homeowners willing for budget bathroom renovations in Sydney perceives it to be a value addition to their home. A trendy cloakroom suite is ideally a mini bathroom containing a toilet and a basin with no bath or shower and located usually downstairs. It offers an added convenience and with each passing day, homeowners are expecting it to be a standard inclusion in their home. The comfort, ease and convenience, along with adaptability through multiple toilet options, make it an ideal choice for people willing to maximise their bathroom space. 

To make you aware of this new trend and help you get an idea of the benefits of adding this sought-after addition, we have come up with this blog.

  • The Convenience of Extra Space for Large Families

When it comes to adding a cloakroom bathroom, you cannot go wrong with the design and layout. It’s ideal for large families and guests and serves as a value-addition to your home. Adding a cloakroom bathroom in the basement or ground floor by bathroom renovators in Sydney allow guests to use them with comfort without having to access the main bathroom. By separating the two, you can make it easy to access for guests and maintain utmost privacy in your own space.

  • Ideal for Kids to Use Frequently

For kids, a cloakroom bathroom is ideal as they tend to go to toilet frequently. If your family bathroom is located on the first floor, it becomes tiring to go up and down stairs frequently. Moreover, it’s frantic to use bathroom during morning rushes, but with a cloakroom bathroom, you can eliminate the chaos of peak hour and use bathroom with ease.

  • Increased Market Value of Your Property

Whether you have plans to sell your home in future or let on rent, a cloakroom bathroom enhances the functionality of your home and helps you fetch a good deal for your property. This added convenience can grab attention of buyers at once and leave a lasting impact on their minds. The benefits of an increased space during full bathroom renovations in Sydney is what people look for nowadays, and thus, a cloakroom bathroom is worth to invest. 

Expert-Recommended Space-Saving Ideas for Modern Cloakroom Suites

Cloakroom bathrooms should be simple, trendy and organised. When planning the design and layout during bathroom renovations in Hornsby, you need to keep in mind the convenience and accessibility for a worthy investment. Considering these factors, it’s ideal to go for a minimalist approach that will help your bathroom look spacious and airy. To get it done right, you also need to be picky when choosing fittings and fixtures during small bathroom renovations in Sydney

Premium Bathroom Renovations in Your Budget

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