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Converting Tub into a Spa-Inspired Shower-Is it Really Worth the Cost?

If you are all set to remodel your bathroom this new year, you can follow the trend that has already blown minds of thousands of homeowners and that is a tub to shower conversion. Showers are becoming increasingly popular than tubs as it maximises space, improves accessibility and makes bathroom more functional. Whereas freestanding tubs are a timeless choice of any contemporary bathroom remodel, the value-added benefits offered by a luxury shower has got no match.

There are plenty of reasons to convert your tub into a spa-inspired shower. Showers are an ideal space-saving option and best to go for in terms of accessibility. On the other hand, a bathtub is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day. With change in individual taste and preferences and a desire to suit urban lifestyle requirements, showers are becoming hard to ignore when compared to tubs. To know more about the astounding benefits of a tub to shower conversion, read through the lines below.

Why Should You Choose Shower Over Tubs?

Compared to a tub, a shower increases the curb appeal of your home and boosts the resale value of a property to a great extent. 

Whereas tubs are difficult to access especially by the elders, showers offer ease of use for senior citizens and kids and mitigate the risk of accidents such as slipping or tripping off the floors.

When it comes to time management during peak hours, a shower installed during bathroom renovations in Sydney works like a utility whereas bathtubs work as a luxury. Therefore, showers are way more a pragmatic choice when compared to regular baths.

Easy & Time-Saving Ways to Replace Bathtub with a Shower

The ideal way to replace an old bathtub with a luxury shower is by hiring professionals offering bathroom renovations in Western Sydney, however, if you have the right tools and materials handy, you can do it alone.

  • Choose a Style

If you are opting for a DIY project, you would surely skip showers that would take months to finish. A shower kit can come in handy where you can choose from a plethora of options and narrow down your choices. 

  • Determine the Placements & Measurements

To achieve a perfectly installed shower, here are the minimum measurements you need to check:

  • Floor to ceiling- 80 inches approx
  • Distance between shower enclosure to side of the toilet seat- 15 inches approx.

Experts offering bathroom renovations in Chatswood recommend the best place to install shower is beside the tub as this will require minimal plumbing modifications and save your pocket from splurging into costly renovations.

Remove the Tub

Removing a standard tub may not be that difficult but the heavier ones might need some additional support. Hence it’s wise to hire professional contractors for replacing the tub safely and efficiently. Once the tub is seamlessly removed, inspect for symptoms of natural wear and tear and if any alteration is required, you may consult with a professional to fix the issues before the final installation.

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