Design Principles for Stunning Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Giving a new look to a bathroom depends on several factors but the most important one is the set of design principles to be followed during the renovation.It is these concepts that comprise theory and practice to change the look of the interior. With proper implementation,the best results can be achieved which will increase the value of the property as well.

At present in most of the bathroom renovations in Campbelltown,you can notice an inclusion of a varied range of accessories to make the space more appealing and this is only possible with the proper utilization of the different concepts of design. Let us take a look into these in detail.

Types of Balance

Among the several principles, maintaining balance is one of the most important ones to consider. Balance can be of three types i.e. the Radial one, the Symmetrical one, and the Asymmetrical one.

  • Symmetrical Balance:Furniture or items that are placed in symmetry keeping the background design in mind is mostly referred to as symmetrical balance.
  • Asymmetrical Balance: As opposed to the former, the placement of objects does not follow the background design. Yet, they look balanced giving a unique look to the bathroom.
  • Radial Balance: As the name suggests, the placement of objects mostly circular or radial in shape is made keeping the background in mind.

Preserving the Rhythm

Without the rhythm, any renovation can look off. This is the sole reason why bathroom renovations in Chatswood are always carried out following the continuity of forms that allows the eyes to move freely around the area. With the rhythm, it is possible to convert the space into something meaningful. There are a couple of ways in which it can be achieved. They are:

  • Gradation: This is the way of providing finishing to the interior in such a way that the eye naturally moves from one end of the space to another.
  • Repetition: A repetitive pattern is created to make the observer accustomed to the space quickly.
  • Transformation: Here smooth transition of shapes (of the objects in the bathroom) takes place in a way that the eyes get accustomed to the place easily.

Maintaining the Proportion

This involves both, the theory as well as practice as proportion implies the size of the room in relationship to the objects that are present. In most of the bathroom renovations in North Sydney, proportions are maintained by placing objects of various sizes that help in the demarcation of objects in relation to the space around them. Therefore, while making renovations it is important to select objects that will fit the bathroom and have to be placed strategically so that it looks neat and organized.

Creating the Focal Point

This refers to creating a central point of interest in the bathroom where the attention of the viewer will be drawn easily. This requires careful crafting of the design. The central point can be created in three ways. They are:

  • The Dominant Point: This is the design that assists in creating a sense of space.
  • The Subdominant Point: Here a secondary design helps in creating a sense of space.
  • Subordinate: The design as a whole that creates an impression.

Maintaining the Unity

The aim of a renovation is the perfect application of all the concepts to create a lasting impression of the bathroom. This can be achieved by maintaining the unity of all the concepts and principles. The design should be consistent and balanced that will have an instant effect on the observer.

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