Different Tiles to Use During Bathroom Renovation and Their Advantages

Tiling is one inseparable chapter of the bathroom renovation and not without reasons. Tiles add an element of timelessness to bathrooms, regardless of their dimension, size and getup. Now coming to adding tiles to bathrooms, there are a number of options to choose from. If you are looking to add tiles while revamping the bathroom of your Sydney property, you need to know the different types of tiles. This will add perfection to your bathroom renovations in Sydney.

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Getting the basics right – to start with before bathroom renovations

Let us start from the very basics. Before deciding on the type of tiles for revamping your bathroom, you need to have answers to some basic questions. 

  • The size and the dimension of the tiles 
  • The feel you want to get while touch the tiles – smooth or rough 
  • The characteristic of the colour – bright or neutral

These will make a difference to the reconditioning of your bathroom overhauling in Sydney. 

What are the different types of tiles that you can opt for? 

Granite: If you have not thought about granite tiles for bathroom renovations in Castle Hill, you need to take a fresh guard. The reason being, when you add granite they add a tinge of luxury and finesse to your bathroom, more so when you add them to your floor or shower area. Granite comes in various textures and colours and they are much harder than the other varieties of natural stone tiles. But don’t drop a glass bottle on the tiles – they will shatter! Also, you need to clean granite with PH-neutral cleaning agents to keep at bay streaks. 

Sandstone: If you want your bathroom to look chic with a softer tone, sandstone tiles are the best option. But then, you need to ensure you hire the best bathroom renovators in Sydney as they will help you to make the most of these tiles. Sandstone comes with a distinctive look, which will mimic the look and feel of brown, yellow, red and gold sands you find on the beach or in desert areas. Since no two sandstones are the same, they help your bathroom get a distinctive look and feel during bathroom overhauling in Sydney.

Glass: Glass tiles for bathrooms are off late the new sensations. Glass tiles add elegance and brightness to your bathrooms as they facilitate light. They come in a wide gamut of shades and hues and can even be customised to match the design you are aspiring for your refurbished bathroom. Talk to your bespoke bathroom designers in Sydney so that they can use them on the walls, to create focal points. 

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: These tiles give you another tiling option that comes with a wide range of colour, shape and size. You can have them glazed and can have digital images incorporated to get unique patterned designs for some bespoke bathroom renovation in Sydney

Thus, you can opt for these tiles for bathroom reconditioning and add the look and feel you desire. If you are in Sydney, you need to call Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens as we are the best in and around Sydney. Or write to us for an online quote. 

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