Drain Options that Spruce Up Your Bathroom Renovation Plans

Bathroom renovation is a holistic affair. It has a number of inseparable parameters and certain features that collectively determine the quality of renovation. Now, there are a number of bathroom renovation styles and concepts to try. Each of them has a unique approach, which differs from the other. However, there are certain features that are more or less universal and would not only gel with every theme and style of bathroom renovations, but will spruce them up. The faucet & drain is one of them. Modern bathroom renovations in Sydney get a shot in the arm with a chic and classy drain option. Now there are a lot to choose from. Here is a brief account of them. 

External Popup drains..

Seasoned specialists offering bathroom renovations in Sydney would suggest going for these rather traditional external popup drains. These traditional drains are best for the lavatory bridge faucets, which come with a popup rod which separates it from the main faucet. The experts offering bathroom renovations in Castle Hill or elsewhere near Sydney would suggest using models of this variety that come with pop-up drain assembly. These highly decorative faucets are the best when it comes to matching with the colour, style and finish of your newly renovated bathroom. 

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The ‘Lift-n-turn Sink’ drains…

These are certain types of bathroom sink drain, which does not need any rod to open or close. These are fantastic options for the bridge faucets, which do not gel with the traditional popup rod drain. Thus, if you are planning to have a bathroom with a more traditional look and feel, the ‘Lift-n-turn Sink’ drain is the fittest option that the experts offering bathroom renovations in Miranda would advise you to vouch for. 

The Push Pop Up Drains..

Highly experienced Sydney bathroom renovators would advise going for these independent drai, which are pretty different from the other forms of drains. This is because the push pop-ups of these drains create an effective flusher surface when they are closed. Thus, they need a spring mechanism to operate. Professionals offering bathroom renovations in Western Sydney would suggest opting for renowned brands while choosing these drains they come with attractive colours and shapes that merge with your bathroom renovation themes. 

Grid Drains..

If you are not a fan of drains that can close, opting for grid drains is the best way out. These grid drains come in a wide variety of popular finishes, including brushes brass and matte black that will act as a stark contrast with the bathroom renovation theme and style you have opted for. Professionals offering bathroom renovations in North Sydney would suggest going for these drains as they can seamlessly meet the aesthetic needs of your barhoom despite not being a closable drain with a flush to the sunk bowl bottom. 

Sink Hole Covers…

Strictly speaking, these sink hole covers are not a drain option, but are a very popular accessory, which comes with bridge faucets and are therefore, a favourite of the Sydney bathroom renovators. These bridge faucets are generally built for the 8-inch widespread hole-drillings. Thus, in case you have an exposed middle hole because of your bridge faucet, a colour matching sink hole cover is the best option. 

Thus, if you are looking for some classy makeover of your bathroom, professionals offering Sydney bathroom renovations will invariably tell you to opt for these drain options. What better Bathroom Renovation Company can you opt for than Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens, if you are in and around Sydney? Call us to fix an appointment, or get an online, free quote to start with.

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