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Everything You Need to Know about Walk-in Tubs- An Expert’s Guide

Wet areas fetch high risk of slips and fall and need frequent upgrades by professional renovators. Slippery, soap-scum floor of bathtubs, shower and tiled floors not only makes the area an accident-prone zone but takes a toll on the health of elderly members residing at your home. More so, this holds true in case you suffer from low mobility. 

Walk-in tub installation has been one of the popular bathroom renovation trends over the past few years and continues to be so due to the comfort, safety and accessibility it offers. It simplifies life and makes it easier for elderly members to bathe. If you want to improve the mobility of your bathroom or make it a safe zone for elders to take a bath, walk-in tub installation is an ideal inclusion.

What Makes Walk-in Tubs Safer than Traditional Tubs?

The striking feature that makes walk-in tubs a safer option for bathrooms in Sydney compared to conventional ones is the watertight entrance and low threshold. It allows a person to walk in and out easily. These tubs are ideal for elderly members and can be customised to make bathing easier for physically-challenged people. Besides the watertight entrance, walk-in tubs feature an anti-slip surface that provides a safe bathing experience. 

Are Walk-in Tubs Durable?

The primary reason why homeowners prefer installing walk-in tubs during bathroom renovations in Dulwich Hill is that they offer value for money. Unlike any other tub, walk-in bathtubs are made of premium acrylic materials and can withstand heavy use. They usually last for decades if kept in top-notch condition. 

Can Walk-in Tubs Complement Any Bathroom Decor?

When it comes to upgrading bathrooms with walk-in tubs, a common query faced by homeowners is whether it can blend in with the existing bathroom style and decor. Walk-in tubs are designed to suit any bathroom type and come in a range of styles, models and colours. Depending upon the size, aesthetics of your space and budget, you can ask the professionals offering bathroom renovations in Campbelltown to install a suitable one that can complement the existing decor at the same time make your bathroom highly functional.

What are the Benefits of Installing Walk-in Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are an ideal way to get relief from pain, body ache, and musculoskeletal problems. Patients suffering from chronic illness such as diabetes, arthritis or rheumatism can find instant relief from a hot soak in walk-in tubs. Additionally, walk-in tubs installed during bathroom renovations in North Sydney can relieve stress, sleeping disorders and anxiety. A hot soak can calm your mind and offer added comfort and relaxation which you can hardly derive from any other conventional tub.

Are Walk-in Tubs Costly?

Most people often suffer from the misconception that walk-in tubs are expensive and refrain from installing during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney & Dulwich Hill due to the fear of burning a hole in their pocket. Well, this is far from truth. The first and foremost thing that makes walk-in tubs a preferred choice is affordability. However, the price of the walk-in tub may vary depending upon the size, design and shape you choose and therefore, it’s better to consult with professionals before investing in one.

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