Expert Guide to Select the Right Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom is one of the most functional corners in a home and when it comes to a stylish and contemporary bathroom remodel, you ought to make it unique and classy to accommodate the growing requirements of an urban lifestyle. Among many other significant improvements you may consider incorporating in your space, upgrading bathroom countertop can elevate the visual aesthetics and add charm and character to the space. Moreover, installing the right countertop can resist against water, stains and scratches and improve accessibility to a great extent. 

Here’s this expert guide to select the right bathroom countertop that can make your bathroom inviting and save your pockets from incurring hefty expenditures on renovations. Stay glued till the end.

Factors You Need to Consider

Before plunging into replacing your outdated bathroom countertop, you should have a clear idea of the factors to mind in order to make a wise investment.


Unlike kitchen countertops, customised bathroom countertops should be durable to resist against stains, scratches, mould and grime. Granite and quartz can be your best pick when it comes to durability and other options you may consider incorporating during budget bathroom renovations in Sydney include marble, concrete and soapstone.

Design & Aesthetics

The right bathroom countertop can make a bold statement and create additional space. Additionally, vanity countertops can reflect your mood and give you the perfect ‘feel-good’ factor after a hectic day. You may ask the professional bathroom renovators in Sydney to go for trending colour tones in neutral shades as they create a soothing ambience and when paired with stylish lighting can give the vibrant aura in your oasis.

The Perfect Finish

When it comes to choosing the right vanity countertop finish, usually honed or polished surfaces is a preferred choice. However, it’s best to go for a polished one as it can enhance the anti-stain and non-porous properties of countertops and make it last for long. Likewise, for small bathroom renovations in Western Sydney, professionals recommend to have a smooth and round edge to minimise the risk of accidental cuts that may happen from sharp countertop edges.

Routine Cleaning & Maintenance

No matter how durable and quality vanity tops you choose to install during bathroom renovations in Sydney, it won’t last without routine upkeep and maintenance. Professional contractors always recommend using mild soap solutions when deep cleaning countertops as it can remove dirt, grease and sticky contaminants whilst protecting the lustre. However, for porous natural stones, you may apply topical sealants every year during bathroom renovations in Campbelltown to extend the lifespan of your countertops. Are you up for a modern bathroom remodel? Hire the best bathroom renovation company and make your space stand out. At Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens, our skilled and professional bathroom renovators incorporate stylish fittings, functional fixtures and accessories to turn your space into a relaxing oasis and help you derive long-term benefits in future. If you haven’t yet scheduled an appointment, speak to our consultants today and ask for a FREE QUOTE anytime!