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How Wet Area Upgrades Add Value to Your Bathroom?

As you start planning your next bathroom remodel, paying attention to wet areas becomes a key concern to enhance the aesthetics of your space and make your bathroom highly functional. Wet areas of your bathroom undergo heavy use compared to other areas of your home and degrade over time. Constant exposure to oil, dirt, grime and mould weaken the structural integrity and turn wet areas into a potential hotspot for injuries such as slips and falls. When it comes to upgrading wet areas, plenty of things can be taken into consideration-from minor upgrades and replacements to giant makeovers which include tub-to-shower conversion, bathtub replacements, flooring and many more.

This post will shed light on the importance of remodelling wet areas and how it can add value to your space.

Identifying the Wet Areas of a Bathroom

While looking for bathroom renovations in Sydney, there are a few areas to pay special attention and wet zone is one of them. The wet zone usually refers to the areas which are highly exposed to water such as bathtub and shower. These areas undergo regular water exposure and varied temperature which eventually makes them prone to structural damage. Resurfacing these wet areas with high-quality premium waterproof materials such as acrylic, stone and porcelain can enhance the functionality of your bathroom and make it easily accessible by all.

Impressive Perks of Remodelling Wet Areas of a Bathroom

Remodelling wet areas by the best bathroom renovation company
fetches a plethora of benefits and makes your space a highly accessible zone. For instance, a walk-in-shower installation can benefit elderly members residing with you and improve the safety of your space. For people who are physically disabled or aged, walk-in-shower installation always proves to be a safe and convenient option and make your bathroom upgrades worthy in every way. 

Now, if safety is your secondary issue, you may consider changing the existing layout of your space by installing high-quality functional fittings and fixtures. Dull and dingy floors, grimy walls and musty smell are signs of an aging bathroom and can weaken the structural integrity too. By considering bathtub replacement, shower upgrades, or bath resurfacing by professional bathroom renovators in Sydney, you can expect a rise in your property’s value, better functionality and improved aesthetics.

Popular Types of Wet Area Upgrades You May Consider

When it comes to wet area upgrades, the market is flooded with plenty of options and you can choose an option that can suit your customised bathroom decor and style. Here’s a list of some popular wet area upgrades you may consider including in your next bathroom remodel plan. 

  • Walk-in-Shower: Replacing your outdated shower with walk-in-shower coupled with waterproof flooring, and easy-to-access features can offer great benefit for physically disabled people and elders residing with you. You can consult with professionals offering bathroom renovations in Western Sydney regarding the size and space requirements of the walk-in-shower and customise it with value-added features for improved safety and better accessibility.
  • Bath Replacement: If you are dealing with an old and outdated bathtub which has already started showing signs of natural degradation, it’s better to get it replaced by professionals. For older homes, bathtub replacement is a must to prevent the risk of slipping, tripping on floors and potential injuries. Porcelain tubs are prone to rust formation and dirt build-up and hence, bathtub replacement should be a part of your bathroom remodel plan. 

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