Luxury Bathroom Window Covering Ideas for Privacy & Sophistication

If you are planning for a complete home makeover this season, your bathroom should not go neglected. With rapid advancement and change in individual taste and preferences, bathrooms have emerged as one of the functional corners of a home which helps you de-stress after a tiring day and enjoy the feeling of a perfect spa-retreat at home. Unlike other areas of your residence, bathroom demands it’s own signature style that is not only decorative but functional.  

When coming to luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney, majority of the homeowners consider upgrading flooring, painting, old tub replacements, whereas window coverings often go overlooked. Privacy is a key consideration during custom bathroom remodel and to protect your privacy whilst keeping the aesthetics intact, you need to take into account factors such as light, durability and ease of maintenance when choosing bathroom window coverings. 

Embrace these distinctive window covering ideas and bring life to your space during next bathroom remodel.


Curtains are a common window covering idea which give bathrooms a classy look and keep your privacy unhampered. If selected and installed properly, it can incorporate elegance to your space and make your bathroom renovations in Sydney stand out. For people having cramped bathrooms, light shade curtains can create the illusion of a bigger space and eliminate the cluttered feel. If you prefer a more bathroom-friendly curtain, you may look for water and stain resistant curtains which will be apt for moist environments. 

Vinyl Shutters

Shutters offer the ultimate clean and traditional look and give a rustic feel to your bathroom design. Since they are vinyl, they won’t crack like wood but look opulent and give your bathroom a finished appearance. If you want natural light penetrate to your space, you may use shutters which resembles somewhat like cafe curtains and install them mainly on the lower portion of your windows by professional bathroom renovators in Sydney.


Valances are available in varied colours and patterns and a great way to brighten up your bathroom. You can choose from a plethora of options and install one that best matches your bathroom aesthetics and style. Valances have become a popular bathroom window covering idea as they are a nice way to introduce colour to your space and protect privacy at it’s best. If privacy isn’t a key concern for you, you may opt for impeccably draped valance above your bathroom windows and warm up your space during full bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Roman Shades

Roman shades offer everything you want as they are functional, durable and elegant. They allow you control natural light, add softness to hard spaces and absorb sound. Additionally, they look perfect with every design element and give your bathroom a sophisticated feel post bathroom renovations in Western Sydney. With endless colour and pattern options, you can choose a fabric and pair it with the tone of your space. However, when selecting fabric for high-traffic areas, choose one that is mould-resistant and easy to clean to handle the regular abuse.

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