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Modern Bathroom Styles That You Can Consider in a Renovation

Today, modern bathrooms have come into the limelight due to their eye-catchy designs. You can find these bathrooms in all types of properties in Sydney. But due to the large array of variations, choosing the right style can become difficult. But worry not, since we will be discussing the renovation designs here. So, to develop an understanding of them, go through this post. After that, you won’t face difficulties in choosing the right design.

A Minimalist White Design

When it comes to modern bathroom renovations in Sydney, most renovators prefer this budget-friendly design.

As is the name, this bathroom will have little storage space, a simple-looking tiled floor and an elegant bathtub. However, to make the bathroom even more attractive, you need to let maximum sunlight through windows (if any). Otherwise, you can include artificial lights highlighting the vanities, shower and bathtub.

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Conventional Architectural Design

The second in the list that Sydney bathroom renovators consider is none other than those that comprise architectural designs. This can be a costly renovation design considering the style that you want to establish. For instance, you can add a fancy ceiling with cornices and pillars on the four sides of the room to give your bathroom a mediaeval, yet modern look. But a combination of both can be even more alluring.

Dark and Soothing Designs

You can consider dark and soothing designs if you want to invest in modern Sydney bathroom renovations.

Here, the renovation will include a tiled floor as usual but the walls should be concrete with darker colours. However, to accentuate the dark theme, you should include a plain white bathtub and other accessories of the same colour. In fact, if the fixtures and the storage spaces are of a lighter colour, it will give the bathroom a more organic feel.

Brighter Designs

If you want to invest in modern bathroom renovations in Western Sydney, you can choose brighter designs as well, as opposed to the one that we mentioned in the last point.

As you can easily guess, this bathroom will include white shades that span all areas such as the wall, floor and ceiling. Additionally, you can also include accessories and storage spaces that are white. However, an advantage of this type of renovation design is that you can try out colourful accessories and storage spaces since they go well with white.

Functional Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you can still go for full bathroom renovations in Sydney where the renovators will try their best to enhance the functionality.

Due to limited space, the builders will use little storage space. However, to decorate the compact bathroom, they might suggest decorative pieces and some small plants.

A Combination of Styles

Apart from the ones that are mentioned, to give your existing bathroom a modern look, you can try out a combination of styles after discussing the same with the renovators.

These include applying colourful pattern-based wallpaper, designed tiles, stylish accessories, etc.

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