One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilets- Which One to Pick During Bathroom Renovations?

Toilets are an integral part of a bathroom and need special attention during remodelling. If your toilet has become outdated or leaking constantly, you should consider an immediate replacement during bathroom renovations in Sydney to restore the functionality of your bathroom.

The market is flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right toilet for your space. Modern toilets come in varied shapes, sizes and styles to suit your tailored needs. Whereas traditional toilets come with a tank and bowl together, modern toilets are mostly one-piece or two-piece and make your bathroom highly functional, besides enhancing appeal. Both the toilets function well and have several benefits.

Whether you will go for a one-piece or two-piece toilet during full bathroom renovations in Sydney will depend upon a few factors mentioned below.

Size & Weight

Size is a crucial factor to consider when installing a toilet for your bathroom. Both one-piece and two-piece toilets come in varied sizes to suit any space requirement. However, one-piece toilets take less space during budget bathroom renovations in Sydney

due to their incredible design. The tank and bowl are moulded together, which makes them a space-efficient option. Most one-piece toilets are tailor-made to suit height requirements. Two-piece toilets are also available in standard height and can complement any bathroom design.

When it comes to weight, a one-piece toilet is relatively heavier. Whereas a two-piece toilet can be uncoupled to move, dividing its weight, a one-piece toilet contains everything in a single mold. This makes moving comparatively difficult and bathroom renovations in Ryde relatively higher.


One-piece and two-piece toilets come in varied styles. Because of the sleek appearance of a one-piece toilet, homeowners consider it to be an ideal fit for contemporary bathroom renovations in Campbelltown. However, one-piece toilet also comes in traditional designs. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the interior decor as they can seamlessly blend in with any style.


Both one-piece and two-piece toilets are pretty difficult to install. When comparing the two, two-piece toilet is easier to manoeuvre; however, it needs to be bolted together. On the other hand, one-piece toilet is difficult to move but doesn’t need to be assembled. In both cases of installation, a wax ring is fitted over the waste pipe. The contractors offering bathroom renovations in Miranda sit on the toilet seat and leans front to back and sideways to ensure weight distribution. The toilet is then bolted to the floor, and finally, the bolts are concealed with caps.

One-Piece or Two-Piece- Which One is Better?

Like other bathroom remodelling elements, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of both toilets to determine the best fit for your space during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney. The biggest benefit of one-piece toilet is its sleek design and ‘zero assemble’ headache. On the contrary, the benefits of two-piece toilets are mainly centred on their installation, weight and size. Moreover, two-piece toilets are available in a myriad of designs.

The best one to choose will certainly depend upon your existing space requirements, design and budget. However, getting in touch with the certified tradesmen of a leading bathroom renovation company can make your job quick, convenient and effortless. At Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens, we have expertise in budget bathroom renovations at reasonable rates. If you are ready for a quick transformation, speak to our experts and get a quote for free!