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Replacing Double Vanity for Extra Storage-Things to Mind

Dealing with a cramped bathroom is indeed frustrating and you might run out of space as and when your family will grow. Eventually, a time will come when you will look for customised bathroom makeovers to optimise storage and consider swapping your double vanity for maximising the counter space. Now the question is whether it would work or how it will affect the resale value of your property will depend upon several factors.

Read this blog to know what all to consider before swapping your second sink for a successful renovation.

Know Your Purpose

Most homeowners prefer opting for Sydney bathroom renovations

prior to selling the property to bang the best market deals. Trendy bathroom makeovers enhance the visual appeal and impress potential buyers at the first instance. If you are fortunate enough to have a master ensuite that allows sufficient counter space, then certainly double sinks would be desirable, however, if you are dealing with a cramped space, replacing double vanity by Sydney bathroom renovators can be a wise decision for additional storage and increased resale value of your property.

Consider Your Existing Space

Space can be an issue when it comes to double vanities. If your vanity space is limited, you need to consider a few additional factors for maximising space during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney. Double sinks will typically fit in a 48′ space, however, the second sink will eat up the whole of your counter space and restrict the scope of having under counter drawers due to plumbing requirements. Thus, before hiring a professional bathroom renovation company, analyse your existing space requirements to ensure your hard-earned investment is worth it.

Your Habits Do Matter

If your primary concern is improved functionality and not resale value or optimised space, then you should consider your habits before undergoing bathroom renovations in Castle Hill. For a small family, you won’t typically need a double vanity but if you have elderly members, kids and pets residing with you, then you might benefit from double vanities especially during peak hours of the day.

Budget Plays a Vital Role

Whether you are looking for a small bathroom upgrade or double vanity replacement, you need to decide your budget at first to avoid any interruption in work during full bathroom renovations in Sydney. Double vanity swapping isn’t a DIY job and needs professional intervention. Additionally, you need to invest in premium quality materials and follow a streamlined approach to get the job done right. Thus, before plunging into the job, prepare a budget to make every penny of your hard-earned investment worthy.

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