Some Eye Catching Renovation Ideas to Add Value & Space to Your Bathroom

There is no end to concepts and ideas, when it comes to renovating bathrooms. However, budget is something that you need to keep an eye on. Thus, let us discuss some smart ideas that will help renovate your bathroom with style and that also without spending much.

Curving embedded shelves all over

One of the main objectives of renovating is adding space, besides lending a new look and feel to the bathrooms. Thus, one of the most effective steps will be to add embedded in-built shelves. While it will add innovation to the look and feel of your bathroom, it will also add extra spaces while keeping the functionality quotient intact, or may be increasing it by considerable extent.

Including the shower bench 

Do not just include a walk-in shower while bathroom renovations in Sydney. Add a custom bench as well, to add some custom seating. Indeed, a built-in shower bench will go a long way to improve the luxury and finesse of your bathroom. Besides, you can also use the undercarriage of the bench as a storage space. It will be a great way to improve the luxury of your bathroom and enjoy some significant in-shower storage.

Updating the shower walls

Updating the shower walls to make them look different is a great way of adding ‘adding’ space. Well it may not ‘add’ more space literally, but it will go a long way to create an illusion by the virtue of which, a shower space will appear bigger than what it actually is. The expert bathroom renovators in Sydney would suggest adding a contrast colour vis-à-vis the colour of the floor and the bathroom walls. However, they would suggest lighter colours as the deeper ones will again constrict the space visually.

Going high tech is one good way

Instead of going for a merely new shower head, go to the next level. Have a high tech shower head installed. A reputable bathroom renovation company like us would suggest installing multiple spouts, a waterfall shower head or body sprayers. These high tech luxurious upgrades are not that expensive. More importantly, it will help you bathroom stand out from others and save energy bills.

Adding a soaking tub

Opt for freestanding tubs. By doing so, you can create a spa-like, luxurious experience in their bathroom, more so with a fitting lighting arrangement. In case you have a smaller bathroom, experts offering bathroom renovations in Western Sydney would suggest opting for corner tubs or the traditional Japanese soaking tubs, which are deeper, but are not wide, hence occupy much lesser space. Thus, they are best for smaller bathrooms.

Installing floating cabinets

Installing a floating cabinet is a wonderful option when you opt for full bathroom renovations in Sydney. It is not only a wonderful design trend, it will also visually open up your bathroom space as well.

Therefore you see, when you opt for bathroom renovations in Ryde, there are so many ways you can have space ‘added’ to your bathroom without altering the square feet area physically.

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