Some Intriguing Black and White Budget Bathroom Renovation Concepts

Black and white bathrooms are the new in-thing. Though this is not to mean that the colours have lost their role in renovation of bathrooms, but somehow, the cosmopolitan populace has newly discovered the greatness of black and white bathrooms and this renewed love has added a new dimension to the concept of modern bathroom renovations. The specialists offering bathroom renovation and remodeling in and around Sydney like any other part of Australia have also responded to this new trend, and are coming up with hitherto unknown and unexplored concepts of black and white bathroom renovation concepts. This is giving some fascinating retro look to the bathrooms with a difference. Better to say, this concept is giving an out of this world combo touch of modern and retro look to the bathroom. Let us discuss some of the new B&W concepts that the professionals offering bathroom renovations in Western Sydney and elsewhere may come up with. 

The ‘Cool’ Concept

This ‘cool’ eclectic black and white bathroom renovation concept is all about adding a large black hex tiled floor, and bright lit, luminous, while walls. This duo is further matched with large black window frames that act as the continuity of theme. White tubs, tabletops and sinks are a must along with a mirror with golden accent, as they create a striking contrast and hence is always suggested by experts offering bathroom renovations in Castle Hill and elsewhere. 

Textured Black and White Bathroom

These textured, extravagant styles of B&W bathroom renovations in Sydney are all about trying different textured and styled tiles that are tied together with a bridge that comes in the form of a touch of golden tinge, which can be mixed and matched to your satisfaction. 

Bathrooms with toothed Wall Border 

This is another highly innovative B&W bathroom renovation concept that involves the making of subway tile walls more innovative and interesting by indulging toothed wall edges. Well, the technically speaking, it does not always essentially has to be black and white, but the seasoned bathroom renovators in Sydney would always prefer B&W over colours, as the effect of B&W is always more striking than any other combo, when you want to keep the interiors of your bathroom more vintage than contemporary. Surely, you can arrange the theme to your heart’s content, when you opt for toothed wall edges in B&W. 

The Chic, Minimalist Approach 

If your bathroom is smallish, then renovations that feature recessed shelves for saving space with a strong and promising black and white combination and contrast is the best way to take the look and feel of small bathroom renovations in Sydney like anywhere else, to an altogether new height in terms of aesthetic. This will make the floor space look larger, much due to the black baseboards, along with a soft textured matte finish of the tiles, which binds the entire space together.

The Out of the Box Tinge

Well, this particular style does not have any set thumb rule and the experts offering Budget bathroom renovations in Sydney. The approach may differ with layout and size of the bathroom. For instance, rather than setting the alcove tub against the wall, which cuts the space into half, you can get rid of the entire wall and have a rail curtain installed instead. It will open up a space, and will add to the functionality.

So if you are planning to add newness to your bathroom while renovating it, you can summon a bathroom renovation company that can offer these and many more similar ideas.

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