Super Cool Bathroom Makeovers You May Try this Season

A creative and well-decorated bathroom design can improve functionality and accentuate the beauty of your home. Whether you have newly renovated your restroom or have done so a few years back, you may opt for periodic upgrades to stay on top of trend. And the exciting part is bathroom renovations in Sydney don’t always include overwhelming expenses. You can revamp your tired space with some cool makeovers and that too, at economical prices.

Below are some inspiring bathroom renovation ideas that can help breathe life into your space. Stay glued till the end.

Play with Paints

For people looking for minimalist bathroom upgrades on a shoestring budget, painting walls, cabinets, or vanities are some inexpensive ways to transform their space without making havoc changes. You may ask the renovators to play with paint colours for a quick visual boost. Repainting ceilings with lighter hues during bathroom renovations in Castle Hill can give the illusion of bigger height and maximise space. Additionally, you may use lighter shades on walls, cabinets, vanities or shelves to create a sense of depth and openness.

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Lighten Up & Brighten Up

An impeccably decorated bathroom looks dull and depressing without the proper arrangement of lights. Adding mirrors is an efficient way to brighten up your space as they make small rooms appear bigger and brighter. If you are not willing for luxury upgrades, installing mirrors by Sydney bathroom renovators is a recommended option for an impressive change. You may elevate the visual appeal by adding a few nature-inspired pictures to reflect light as much as possible. A chandelier is also an effective way of incorporating some extra light and brightening up space.

Smart Storage Options

Storage is a must when considering modern bathroom renovations as it improves functionality and makes your bathroom one of the most useful corners. Practical storage solutions are something that never goes out of style. You can either add existing storage options or make the most of your bathroom walls by adding extra shelves during bathroom renovations in Western Sydney. If you have space constraints, you may also opt for open shelving. Besides, floating shelves have gained immense popularity over the years as it makes bathrooms appear less cluttered and more prominent.

Radiant Floor Heating

If you want to get the cosy warm touch underneath your feet, especially during the chilly winter months, opting for radiant floor heating by a leading bathroom renovation company can fulfil your desire. Radiant heating systems are best suited for stone or ceramic floor tiles and you may add a minimalist touch of comfort by placing a soft mushy rug as you get out of the shower zone. Ask the professional renovators to inspect the existing flooring before executing the renovation job for a successful upgrade.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are becoming increasingly popular due to its sophisticated look and feel. A luxury shower enclosure around a freestanding bath can amp the looks of your space and help you enjoy a relaxing soak every time you step inside your bathroom. For a more cool appearance, you may ask the renovators offering bathroom renovations in Camperdown to install a dedicated vapour barrier on the wall frames and ceiling that would add to the appeal, at the same time, prevent moisture accumulation.

At Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens, we specialise in full bathroom renovations in Sydney that can improve functionality, appeal and aesthetics. Our skilled renovators have professional expertise to transform a tired space into an oasis and that too, at economical prices. If you are looking for some cool bathroom upgrades this season, get in touch with our licensed renovators and get impeccable transformations done at affordable packages!

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