The Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Lend it a Rustic Look

There is a certain sect of people who would like to opt for a rustic looking bathroom. They are different from those who would vouch for the ‘mushy’ look and feel for their bathroom. Naturally, the choice of the former sect would vary from that of the later ones. “Of late, the number of people looking forward to those rustic looking bathrooms is increasing. This can be attributed to the more and more hectic lifestyle, which is leaving its impact on their psyche!”

That’s the reason, every bathroom renovation company goes some extra miles to assist those opt for rustic bathroom refurbishing ideas.

Take for instance, us. We, at Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens are home to some of the best professionals having an in-depth knowledge about some of the most happening rustic bathroom ideas. There are many. On this page, let us discuss some, so that you have an idea what you will be dealing with, once you get in touch with us.

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Going for wooden tiled designs:

Wood is your friend in need, if you are looking for a rustic look for your bathroom. It is also the easiest way to add warmth and break the monotony of the conventional tiled and concrete getup of modern bathrooms’. That’s what, one of our seasoned Sydney bathroom renovators quipped when asked by one of our old clients, looking forward to replenishing his bathroom.

Wooden Wall and Floor – Deadly Duo

Sky’s the limit, when it comes to adding that much aspired rustic look and feel to your bathroom with the use of wood. One of the most effective options is pairing the wooden wall with the wooden floor. This is a unique idea of Bathroom Renovations in Western Sydney or anywhere else, which will go for smaller as well as spacious, sprawling bathrooms. “Then again, you need to know the balance. Opting for the right extent is the key, if you need to add a perfect look. That’s the catch and that’s where we make the difference. Our challenge lies in making our clients understand that thin red line between too much and too little.” That’s what our experts offering bathroom renovations in North Sydney would say.

Accent Wooden Walls

Adding wooden walls is another great idea of adding a rustic look and feel to your bathroom. These accent walls just cannot go wrong, when it comes to adding that right balance, by combining with the other elements tiles and concrete, and even the metallic accents to create that effect. Our specialists offering bathroom renovations in Bondi Beach are excellent in incorporating that rustic tinge in bathrooms.

Wooden Lamination

 For those who are looking for rustic bathrooms, wooden lamination is an excellent idea and our experts are excellent at it. Wooden laminates and plywood walls or a balanced combo of the two is a great option, which will add to the rustic look and feel of the bathroom. A number of people are opting for this choice, during full bathroom renovations in Sydney.

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