The Best Tiling Ideas to Implement During Bathroom Renovation in 2023

Christmas is just a fortnight or so away and it will be followed by the turn of the new year. People have a propensity of giving a new look and feel to their home during this time of the year. Bathrooms are no exception. If you are looking forward to joining the league of these people, this is the high time for planning. 

Amongst all the other aspects that constitute a bathroom renovation plan, tiling is perhaps the most important and sensitive one to deal with. That’s because the success of your tiling concept will determine the end result of the service provided by a bathroom renovation company. Thus, on this page, let us discuss the best tiling ideas that will lend a new character to your bathroom. 

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Diagonal Patterns for Visual Interest 

If you take a bird’s eye view of your bathroom, you may find it a bit mundane, with the same old accessories, cabinets, the laid back layout and the paleness of the walls and the roof, no matter how impeccably they might have been painted. Here is where tiles, more so the patterned varieties will make a lot of difference. 

They will create a sudden visual spurt of interest that will make all the difference. It will provide an element of surprise, which will add some compactness, if you have a sprawling stretch of wall. Patterned tiles are a happening option offered by specialists offering bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Adding some Drama with Black & White

Who says, black and white is not the ideal choice for bathroom renovations due to lack of colour? If you want to add some drama to your bathroom, the black and white combo of tiles is the best option. The reason is pretty simple – black as well as white are symbols of sophistication. Thus, when the experts offering bathroom renovations in Miranda suggest a black & white combo, it will add an element of drama, which gives a character to your bathroom. 

Creating Contrasts through tiling 

If you are looking forward to adding some depth to your bathroom’s look and feel, you can do so by adding contrasts. Contrasting tiles in terms of shades or hue will help create the right contrast that will add the required depth. If you are planning full bathroom renovations in Sydney, you can go for a tale of contrast for the entirety of the bathroom. Again, this will add that desired depth. 

Opt for light coloured tiles 

Light coloured tiles go a long way to limit your illumination expenses. In other words, these tiles will reflect more light than their darker counterparts and will make your bathroom illuminated. 

And then the modern bathroom renovators in Sydney would help you with other innovative tiling ideas and patterns. They can be customised to make your bathroom more intriguing, spacious and dramatic. 

And one advantage of hiring these professionals is that despite being the best, their Modern Bathrooms Renovation Cost in Sydney is always at a low. 

The same can be told about us at Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens. We are amongst the best in the business, in Sydney. So call us for some low cost yet fascinating tiling concepts for your bathroom. 

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