The Top 3 Happening Bathroom Trends for This New Year

Christmas and New Year are just a month away. It’s not only the time to have parties and fun, and the time to rejoice and travel. For many, it is also the time to renovate their entire home or certain areas in particular, like the bathroom and the kitchen. If you are done with the shabby, old look and feel of your bathroom, this New Year is the best time to lend a fresh, gripping look and feel to it. Every new year brings in some new trends of bathroom renovations. The year 2023 is no exception. Well, the new year may still be over a month away, but people have already begun to take stock of the most happening trends in bathroom renovations in Sydney for the next year. On this page, let us discuss the top three of them. 

Turning Your Bathroom into a Retreat with a Spa like Look & Feel

Many of you may have visited spas and know how it feels like to be there. The newest trend is to have that same feeling in the domestic bathroom. It will work if you have a sprawling bathroom with enough space for adding those spa-like addendums. There are no hard and fast rules that you ought to follow. It all depends upon your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Maybe a long cabinet with a series of drawers, an alcove or recessed bathtub with steps, and shower cubicle, a glass wall overlooking the adjoining backyard will do the trick! It is for the experts offering modern bathroom renovations in Sydney to finetune the concept and come up with a perfect renovation that will meet your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. 

A Thoughtful Holistic Design

As per our experts, while a classic bath will add class to your bathroom, it will never run out of the style. Thus, the latest trend is all about putting more thought into designing the bathroom. And to do that, the experts offering bathroom renovations in North Sydney

Add accessories that make your bathroom more colourful 

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are into bringing in more colour patterns and textures to the fittings and accessories of the bathroom, while sticking to the basics. 

Also, the 2023 trend is more about adding the latest fittings that come in more sophisticated shapes. It is also about seeking darker finishes, elegant lines and the likes to add more visual weight. 

The plaster walls and the trendiest showers are the new trends of bathroom renovations in Castle Hill in the coming year. It would also feature sculptural plumbing fixtures, which provide a perfect balance between function and forms. 

A Combo of Old & New 

This new year is going to be the pathway of old and new as far as bathroom renovation is concerned. That’s what our experts carrying our bathroom renovations in Western Sydney would quip. In fact, if you go by our experts, this sudden surge in interest of blending new with the old is not just about creating a delicious moment of design. It is also about inculcating a warmer, more inviting space, which is comfortable and cosy enough to lure you into spending an extra hour or two after a hectic day-long schedule. 

Thus, if you are interested in adding a new look and feel to your bathroom this new year, call Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens. We are amongst the best in and around Sydney. Call us to schedule an appointment with our experts. 

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