Top Varieties of Glasses for Ecstatic Bathroom Renovations

Are you looking forward to a bathroom that will add significant value to your property? Go for glasses! The experts are of the opinion that they add a significant finesse factor to your bathroom and that too without much expenses. Get in touch with us at Dream Bathrooms and Kitchens. We have given a lot of thought over renovating bathroom with glasses being their focal points, and they work wonders!” That’s what our experts say while stressing on the role that glasses play in revamping bathrooms.

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Professionals offering full bathroom renovations in Sydney use various types of glasses to take the aesthetic look and feel of the bathroom to an altogether new level. Innovatively designed doors, walls and windows not only add quality look and feel to the bathrooms, they also let an improved amount of natural light to filter into the bathroom.

In fact, innovative use of glasses during bathroom replenishment will ensure an out of this world effect that will create blurred images, while still letting enough light pass through.

Translucent Glass

This is one of the most popular types of glasses that specialists offering bathroom renovations in Sydney would use while remodeling bathrooms. This type of glasses would come with a frosted look and feel and is produced by acid-etching or sandblasting clear sheets of glasses. With a marked surface at one side of the pane, the light is diffused and scattered. The ultimate effect is that these glasses blur the images, while still allowing enough light in, prompting every master bathroom renovation company to use them.

Textured Glasses

This is another favourite glass that is used by the professionals offering bathroom renovations in Rouse Hill. As the name suggests, these glasses come up with designs or patterns that are impressed into the pane. These glasses add decorative touches, obscuring the images, while allowing the light to pass through.

Smoked Glasses

Revamping bathrooms with smoked glass add a tinge of transparency with a touch of subtleness. These glasses do not obscure images, though using the darkened variety will spruce up the privacy factor. “We choose these glasses for a few unique reasons – they lend a clear cut break from the monotony of bedrooms and wardrobes and to complement the black tapwares and the other dark metal works in bathrooms and to ada hint of drama” – that’s what our bathroom renovations in Castle Hill would quip.

Glass Bricks

This is another variety of glasses that our luxury bathroom renovators in Sydney prefer while redoing the bathroom. They serve dual purposes of being functional as well as decorative. They quite often create some stunning light effects and that’s why they are the favourites when it particularly comes to luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney. “These glass bricks are always our first choice, for replenishing luxury bathrooms, or turning a base bathroom into a luxury one.” That’s what our bathroom revamping professionals would say. Furthermore, due to the thickness they come up with, they reduce the noise, insulate the bathroom against cold and heat and save energy.

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Thus, these glasses ensure that people can use their space the way they want, with improved privacy. There are several ways in which experienced bathroom renovators in Sydney like anywhere else would use glasses to let the users reap the fullest benefit of the natural light while using the new look bathrooms. Call us and see what difference we can make.