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Types of Sinks that Help Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Luxury bathroom renovation is a tricky affair. While you need to get the best and the latest features incorporated to spruce up your luxury bathroom, there are certain shortcuts that will add an added sparkle. These shortcuts will quickly take the aesthetics of your bathroom to an altogether new height. One such shortcut is adding the most innovative sinks (amongst other things) to the bathroom. These sinks, by their sheer visual splendour add that X-factor that will make all the difference to your luxury bathroom. On this page, we discuss the different types of links that will add value to your bathroom, post-renovation. 

Free Standing Sinks: 

Free standing sinks are small, stand-alone structures that are the best options for the smaller bathrooms. These appliances generally come with rectangular tops, which can hold a significant amount of storage. Despite not being voluminous, the great designs they come up with will be great for the contemporary luxurious bathrooms. Thus, they are the most favoured bathroom features for the professionals offering bathroom renovations in Sydney. More so, if there is limited space these sinks are one of the best you can opt for. 

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Pedestal Sinks: 

This is a specific type of free-standing sink, which comes with seamlessly defined edges and rounded pot at the top that tapers into a skinny, sleek base. While they are ideally meant to be used in the power rooms, they are also used in luxury bathrooms and are indeed a budget-friendly option. When they are adequately designed they do not look like the fish out of the water. On the contrary, they tend to add more spice to your newly revamped luxury bathroom. Thus, they are one of the finest options that the experts offering bathroom renovations in Ryde will prefer to add a unique visual splendour to your bathroom. 

Wall Mounted Sinks: 

The name itself is self explanatory. The sink is mounted to the wall to add optimal space and create a unique style. This is the perfect option that the experts offering bathroom renovations in Castle Hill would come up with. However, they will consider this option if you are planning to add a half bath and add the much-needed vanity to your luxury bathroom. 

However, the bathroom renovators would ask you to be careful enough before installing these wall mounted sinks. Also, they will suggest a design for these sinks that is compatible with the look and feel of your bathroom. 

Undermount Sinks

These undermount sinks provide a seamless look and feel to the master luxurious bathrooms. In fact, that’s the reason these sinks are favourite for the experts offering luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney.  These sinks are attached to the vanity from below. That’s why, the entire structure provides a very compelling visual excellence that adds significant value to your bathroom. 

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks come with a raised circular basin, which rests above a vanity countertop. These sinks look excellent in luxury bathrooms, more so when they come with the best look and feel. 

Therefore, experts offering full bathroom renovations in Sydney for luxurious bathrooms would prefer using these sinks. They will do so depending on your preferences, the look and feel of your bathroom and usability quotient. 

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